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Apr 09, 2015 at 08:21 PM

Report Calculations



I'm new to the forum and new to business objects. I have a report that contains Name, count(field), sum(field). I created a variable to get the percetage.

variable = (count(field)/sum(field) *100.

When I ad my fields to the webi report everything works fine except for totals. when I add a percent or average on the variable it doesn't give me the correct results. I want to be able to select 1,2,4,10 people and for the report to calculate dynamically depending on the totals for each individual.

Name count(field) sum(field) variable

Joe Joe 13 40 33%

smith, john 14 32 44%

Total: 27 72 ???

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure how to make this work.