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Apr 09, 2015 at 07:23 PM

GRC AC 10.1 - LDAP Synchronization Issue


Hi Experts!

We are implementing GRC AC 10.1 and i´m having an issue with LDAP User Synchronization. Company has AD with users in several OU so we need to do synchronization at root level (i think is not possible to configure multiple base entry).

Im able to use "find" option from LDAP transaction at root level and this is working fine; even if i do a synchronization configuring only one OU like base entry it works fine too. But, if i want to do synchronization at root level, it does not work (i get total count:0 from synchronization).

Im working with GRAC AC10.1, SP 7. I have followed several SCN threads and SAP Notes about LDAP Sync issues but i haven´t had any success.

I have tried using port 3268 and 389. From SLG1 i only get a warning: user adapter is empty (for the record, i have already read this ) and SAP note 1755767).

LDAP connector name is identical to LDAP Server name

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.



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