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Apr 09, 2015 at 04:24 PM

How to Multiply a Column Values in a Crosstab with Variable Value



I have created a sample Viz in Design Studio based on a Universe(UNX) and in turn pointing to oracle database. I have a Crosstab and Chart(Line Chart) components on my Canvas. I have like 1 dimension and 2 measure objects in Crosstab and have Line chart with 2 lines pointing to the measures in the crosstab. My requirement is to have Input Field component Named Percentage Increase so when a user enters 10 or 15 one of the measure in the crosstab should change based on the number entered by the User in Percentage Increase(Input Field)

For Example:

Two measure are Actual and Plan. So when a user enter 10 or 20 in the Input Filed. The Plan Measure in crosstab should increase by using the below formula.

Plan = Plan+(Plan*(A/100)) (Where "A" is the value entered by user in Input Field eg: 10 or 20)

Till Now what i did is to place a Input Field(Percentage Increase) and a place a Button(Enter) beside it. So when a user enters a Button the above Formula calculation needs to be done on Crosstab and it will results in changes on chart as well because it is tied up to the values in the crosstab.

I just put this lines on Button(Enter) component in order to Capture the values entered by user in Input Field and convert that Variable in to Interger.

Variable is Global variable defined a String.

Variable1 is Global variable defined a Numeric.



Experts please guide me now after Capturing the user response now how to proceed further in implementing the above formula and get results change in crosstab and chart. I Know in Webi where we can create a extra variable and put this logic and append that variable to the table but not sure about in Design studio.

Thanks in Advance.