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Jan 17, 2006 at 09:42 PM

RfcOpenEx and librfc32u.dll


I am trying to put an existing piece of RFC client (written for Windows) code written in C++ (using the RFC SDK) on a unicode basis by turning on the "SAPwithUNICODE" compiler switch. The RFC client compiles and links correctly; however when the RfcOpenEx API function is called the entire process terminates unexpectedly with return code 0xFFFFFFFF as I was able to observer with the C++ debugger. I have also verified that all the parameters in this call have the proper data types and lengths, so nothing should be wrong here; the debugger also tells me that the library librfc32u.dll is loaded instead of librfc32.dll as would be the case for non-unicode clients.

Anyone has an idea what is going on here? Advises greatly appreciated!!