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Jan 17, 2006 at 06:30 PM

SAP Connector - RfcSystemException


This is from our 2.0b connector. The error was generated on the Client side and I can't find a thing wrong on the Windows 2000 Server. Can someone explain what this means. Thanks

Exception Occurred: SAP.Connector.RfcSystemException: New entry not possible, since notification already completed

At SAP.Connector.SAPConnection.ThrowRfcException(RFC_ERROR_INFO_EX rfcerrInfo, Encoding encoding)

At SAP Connector.SAPClient.RfcInvoke(String method, Object[] methodParamsIn)

At SAP Connector.SAPClient.RfcInvoke(String method, Object[] methodParamsIn)

At IT_CLIENT_REQUEST_TRACKING_WS.Z_MAINTAIN_TASK_Maintain_Task(String P_Erldat, String P_Erlnam, String P_Manum, String P_Matxt, StringP_Mncod, String P_Mngrp, String P_Parnr, String P_Pernr, String P_Peter, String P_Pster, String P_Qmnum, String P_send_Mail, String P_Wait. String& P_Return_Code, String& P_Reutrn_message, String& P_send_Mail_Ret_Cd, TLNETable& T_Inlines) in


At IT_CLIENT_REQUEST_TRACKING_WS.Z_MAINTAIN_TASK1.z_MAINTAIN_TASK(MY_SAP_CONNECTION_PARAMS_CLASS sap_conn_params, String str_SEND_MAIL, Strng& str_SEND_MAIL_RETURN_CD, String str_ERLDAT, String str_ERLNAM, String str_MANUM, String, str_MATXT, String TLINEable& TLINETable, String& str-return-cd, String& str-return_msg, String& str_exception_msg) in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\IT_CLIENT_REQUEST_TRACKING_WS\Z_MAINTAIN_TASK.asmx.cs:line 100