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Former Member
Apr 07, 2015 at 01:05 PM

How to apply two conditions in Suppress in Section Expert



I need your help in applying to conditions in the Details section for the suppress in the Section Expert. My Report looks like:

Details A: {@SUM -DR} {@SUM -CR} {@SUM -Balance} {@TT-CLASS}

Details B: {Deal_No} {Image_No} {Amount} {@Comments}

Currently, I am applying a condition to suppress both Details A and Details B in the section expert:


Now while running the report, I got some duplicated deals ex:

123 1 1000 Reversal

123 1 1000 Reversal

124 2 2000 Approved

So I applied a condition in the section expert for the details A and B which is:

({Deal_No} = next({Deal_No} ) and {Image_No} =next( {Image_No} ) )



And it is still giving me the duplicated deals when I am running the report. So can you please help.