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Apr 07, 2015 at 08:22 AM

Question about Confirmation of Production order


Dear All,

I have a scenario where in our production orders are created with 1 quantity with several milestone operations in it. Each milestone operation has to be confirmed by different users and the final milestone operation will be confirmed by a key user.

For all the milestone operations (except final) the partial confirmation is set as per the profile assigned to the users. For key user it is set as final confirmation type.

The issue I am having here is - Users are simply saving the confirmations with yield 0 without clicking actual data on CO11N screen and at the end while the key user trying to do the final operation confirmation with yield 1 he is getting error that previous operation confirmed with yield 0 (this error is as per setting in conf. parameters). So the key user has to cancel all the confirmations and then reconfirm all operations with yield 1 and do the final confirmation.

My question is do we have any setting where in we get an error in confirmation if the yield is 0 with confirmation type “Partial confirmation” (I know we have this setting with final confirmation type if yield is under delivery but I want if partial confirmation type is used). I want the system to give a warning/an error if the yield is 0 with partial confirmation type.

Thanks in Advance.