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Apr 07, 2015 at 07:31 AM

Scheduled Webi Reports Don't Open on iOS's MS Exchange Mail


Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the right place to write this post but I will try anyway.

We are using BO 4.0 SP6 and schedule webi reports as attached xlsx of pdf in e-mails.The problem is that the attached pdf's and excel files don't open right away in iPhone's native mail application when using MS Exchange. A tiny question mark shows up on the top corner of the attachment and when you tap on it, it asks which application to use to open it. We can choose iBooks app for example to view the file. We would like the attachment to open right away as we tap on it as it does usually.

Here are some test results:

-We have observed this issue on iOS 8. However, there are rumors that it started with iOS 7. Same rumors suggest that it would work fine before iOS 7.

-We use iOS' native mail application with a MS Exchange account set up.

-We have also tested it with a gmail account set up next to the exchange account. The attachment opened with no problem.

-If someone forwards the mail received from the BO server, to another exchange mail, the attachment opens just fine.

-We have no problem opening other exchange mails with attachments on mobile.

We suspect, the exchange mail can't confirm the sender address thus can't trust the attachment if it is really a pdf-excel file. So we tried scheduling the webi report with a valid mail address in the sender information box but it didn't work.

Has anyone came across such a problem?

I know this issue involve SAP, Apple and Microsoft and each one will point the other for the blame. But any help will be appreciated.

Thank you