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Apr 07, 2015 at 06:47 AM

Drop Devices (Log + Data)


Hi experts,

I've done a system copy of Live to test system with SWPM.

As SWPM requires to have the same device size in target system than in source system, I have now 2 equal systems.

However, in Live system I have a lot of transaction where I need a big log-device.

In target system (test) not.

So for the copy I have now assigned a second big log-device to the target DB.

Now, after the copy is finished, I would like to drop this device as we don't need it that big and it only costs a lot of space.

Second thing is, that I also want to remove 2 data-devices (but this would not be that important).

Therefore my question, how can I shrink/remove log-devices?

Thank you