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Former Member
Apr 06, 2015 at 06:47 PM

Plant-independent Rounding Profiles not selectable in Quota arrangement


Hi all

We need to assign static Rounding Profiles to Quota Arrangement records so they apply in the MRP run; rounding purchase requisition quantities depending on the vendor assigned according to the quota.

We have customized plant-independent static Rounding Profiles (where RDPR-WERKS = ' ')

Problem is: SAP is not letting us choose plant-independent Rounding Profiles in the Quota Arrangement (Quotas are plant-dependent)

The Plant field is auto populated by the system and is not editable in the help dialog / match code of the rounding profile field in the Quota Arrangement transaction MEQ1

If we enter a plant-independent static Rounding Profiles manually, the system issues the Message no. 00 058:

Entry &1 &2 does not exist in RDPR - check your entry

&1: Plant

&2: Entered Rounding profile

Shouldn't plant-independent Rounding Profiles be valid for all plants?

Please, help. 😊

A possible workaround would be creating rounding profiles and then extending them to every plant, but this would be difficult to maintain.

Thank you.