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Apr 06, 2015 at 05:40 PM

ADS connection error



I am trying to connect the ADS which is configured in SAP Netweaver 7.4 (Portal) from SAP ECC server . When i try to test the connection using SA59 Transaction using the following program FP_TEST_00, i am getting the following error. can any one let me know what is the issue. Required destination is created in Portal for ECC system its working fine.

ADS: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport :(100101)

Message no. FPRUNX001


An error occurred when Adobe Document Services (ADS) was launched.

System Response

Error message


When troubleshooting, follow the steps described in SAP Note 944221.

First check the connection to ADS. You can use the program FP_PDF_TEST_00 to do this. From SAP NetWeaver Release 7.0, the program FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE must also run successfully (both with and without the checkbox selected on the selection screen). If this program does not run successfully, there is a error in the configuration.