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Apr 06, 2015 at 06:20 PM

Allow Delivery on Safety Stock


Hello SAP SD Champs! I went into the system and updated the “Share Safety Stock” field in OPPR to reflect 75% for my MRP Group. The purpose for this (I thought) was to allow up 75% of my safety stock to be included in deliveries. Ideally, the other 25% of safety stock will need the Warehouse or Materials Manager’s approval and release to sell. Since we’re always going into our safety stocks the manager’s approval and release would be too time consuming so we decided on the 75% (1 of 4 weeks stock) as an okay percentage. However, this is now working for us. We still cannot add this stock to our deliveries. The 75% Shared Safety Stock is set up in the MRP Group, which we configured in MM. Is there something else in SD (or MM) that we still need to do in order for us to include the 75% safety stocks in our delivers? Rico