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Apr 06, 2015 at 02:59 PM

Mapping RFC Parameters to Service gateway throws error


Hi Experts,

I've a task of creating Netweaver gateway service mapped to Remote Function Module. I see in SCN discussions that the service implementation could be mapped to Function module parameters like that one: Steps to create custom Gateway service and Android application through Eclipse Part 1.


I've created table and function module which Create/Update/Retrieve/Delete data for that table.

Import parameters: [Table contents] + Operation

Export parameters: [Table contents] + Operation Executed + Return Message

I've tested the function module and enable RFC for it.

In SEGW transaction I created Z_project and import the RFM mentioned before in the Data Model folder as discussed in the mentioned link above. In this I choose the import parameters only of the function module.

I created EntitySet of type of the created entity type.

Now, I should implement service through Service Implementation folder for the created EntitySet.

In SCN discussion, he mapped the (Create/Delete/GetEntitySet/GetEntityType/Update) to the function module.

What I've done: I mapped the import parameters for the function module with constant string for the operation with the required operation. When "Generating Runtime objects" there is an error always for the 5 operatins(Create/Delete/GetEntityset/GetEntityType/Update) "Data Provider binding" and the "Generation of runtime objects for the project Zxxxx not possible" as follow:

I think there is something is missed from me in that. Could you review the scenario and tell me what should be done?


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