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Apr 04, 2015 at 03:02 PM

difference between SNP PPM and PPDS PPM


when i go to SCC03 i fix the product ,operation sequence ,and then it asks me " what this PPM is meant for /for SNP or PPDS. then i state it is for PPDS else SNP or both .,anything relevant to SNP it is in terms of buckets ,but for PPDS it is in terms of minutes or hours,

what the above said is only my generic reply? but the client asked me a pointed question -what is the difference between SNP PPM and PPDS PPM ,??? i said PPDS PPM is used for resource planning,operations planning,activity planning but SNP PPM is used for distribution ,deployment planning alone.

SNP heuristics does not do order based planning ,rather it does bucket planning/quantity planning based on source of supply ,say for location 1 ---30 quantities,location 2 -40 quan,-----DC--20 quan.

but he was not convinced with my answer....can you experts straighten the distorted answer.?