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Confusion on SAP_HR,EA_HR and HR-CEE components

Hi Gurus,

I am going to update system from ERP6.0 EHP6 SP11 to EHP7 SP07 with selection of HR Renewal 2.0 add-on.

so as per my understanding with HR Renewal 2.0 add-on my target SAP_HR and ER_HR will go to 608 SP12.

My doubt here is there are many other HR sub-components already having in source system like below,

Are these subcomponents will be exists in system after update?

If yes are they going to update along with SAP_HR and EA_HR?


EA-HRCAR 607 0025

EA-HRCAT 607 0025

EA-HRCAU 607 0025

EA-HRCBE 607 0025

EA-HRCBR 607 0025

EA-HRCCA 607 0025

so on.....

SAP_HRCAR 604 0074

SAP_HRCAT 604 0074

SAP_HRCAU 604 0074

SAP_HRCBE 604 0074

SAP_HRCBR 604 0074

SAP_HRCCA 604 0074

so on...

Another Doubt is about HR-CEE component, This is already available in source system with below patch level.

HR-CEE 110_604 0074

HR-CEECBG 110_604 0074

HR-CEECCO 110_604 0074

HR-CEECCZ 110_604 0074

HR-CEECGR 110_604 0074

HR-CEECHR 110_604 0074

HR-CEECHU 110_604 0074

HR-CEECPL 110_604 0074

HR-CEECRO 110_604 0074

HR-CEECSI 110_604 0074

HR-CEECSK 110_604 0074

HR-CEECTR 110_604 0074

HR-CEECUA 110_604 0074

HR-CEEGXX 110_604 0000

HR-CEERXX 110_604 0000

as per 1965692-HR Renewal 2.0 Note it is mentioned as below:

The following add-ons are retrofitted into 'HR Renewal 2.0':

SAP HR-CEE 110_604 - Important for HR-CEE customers: Minimum SAP_HR 608 SP02 has to be included to the upgrade queue.

SAP HX-CEE 110_607


what does it mean, are all HR-CEE and its sub components going to replace by SAP_HR?

or do i need to download latest HR-CEE patches and place them in donwload directory?

I have searched many notes but still i am in big confusion so please clarify on above points.



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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Apr 04, 2015 at 03:33 PM

    Hi Venkat,

    I will try to answer the queries.

    1.  If you are generating stack for feature pack 3 then yes, SAP_HR and EA-HR will go to 608 SP12.
        This information is provided in Note 1965692.

    2. SAP_HR<XXX> Release and EA-HR<XXX> Release (Sub-components) : These are CLCs and are
    synchronised with support packages. You do not need to do anything extra for them.

    3. HR-CEE is retrofitted in HR Renewal 2.0 : it means that from this version, HR-CEE add-on are part of SAP_HR and EA-HR . This information can be found in 572252.

    ##### You do not need to download anything manually. MOPZ will do this for you. It will calculate and
    put the necessary packages in the queue. Once you have generated the stack.xml you could check
    it for components and SP level too.

    I hope it helps.

    Best Regards,
    Gaurav Pandey

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    Former Member
    Aug 09, 2016 at 11:54 PM

    Dear Venkat & Gaurav,

    Could you please suggest if we can implement below component HR-CEECSK 110_604 of any support pack in EHP6 ? or is it only part of EHP7

    Ravi Saba

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