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Apr 03, 2015 at 10:16 AM

Payroll Query on Loan


Hi Experts,

I am learning payroll and trying to learn the Loan process in the schema by checking the payroll logs. loan details are stored in It0045 ,

When i am trying to learn the payroll operations written inside the PCR ,some of them i am not able to understand though press F1, may be i must need what exactly the value is inside the wage type .

For example : VAKEYLNCLS and return variable key is A or I, what does A or I mean here?

AMT= N /LID set--> this operation assigns /LID wage type to AMT, but i would like to see what is available in that AMT field..

so in the next line what operation i can use to know the amount in AMT, does print operation help us??

sorry if my questions are unclear. but since i am learning i am going with basics..