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Jan 17, 2006 at 10:29 AM

Processing of multiple IDocs and their status


Hi guys,

I have a problem with IDoc processing in R/3. I send multiple IDocs into R/3. These are my own IDoc types, and I send them there in a "package". Let's say, I send 5 IDocs of the same type. Each of them has the number, and each of them has the number of the whole set - this means - you know, that this one IDoc is the 1st from the 5, this one is the 3rd, and this one is the last. When they are sent, the processing of them comes... And I have an ABAP program, if the last of them is processed, errors are taken and a new report IDoc is created and sent into external application.

THE PROBLEM IS: the processing of the IDocs is parallel and when the - let's say 4th IDoc processing takes longer time than the 5th processing takes, not all of the errors are taken into the report, because some errors may occur after (the 4th IDoc processing is independent).

Do you have any ideas, how could I solve this problem?

Thanx, Peter