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Jan 17, 2006 at 10:23 AM

Strange behavior of the WEB AS about session ID



I programmed a BSP application for SAP HR with a high security level. I have two log tables: the first saves a user key (special key) and the session ID, the second one saves the user key and a timestamp.

Today morning I checked the tables and I discovered a strange behavior: two users has the same session ID

(runtime->session_id). The timestamp are different:

Key Session id

1.key SID:ANON:trex34_Z5C_93:BeZKt3ePVecVz9pYcvgGozdf5orjEZ1mFhe1EH9U-ATT

2.key SID:ANON:trex34_Z5C_93:BeZKt3ePVecVz9pYcvgGozdf5orjEZ1mFhe1EH9U-ATT

Am I wrong, if I think, that a session ID has to be a unique value?? Or was our WEB AS a little bit silly today?