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Long Term Inspection

Hi Guys,

Chemical Product

Prod.Qty  10000  ( Prod.time : Jan to Dec )

Partial Dlv 100 qty  to Customer with UD   ( Routine process upto Aug  : upto delivery qty  : 600 )

At time of aug , customer said this product is not goods.

so we have rejected whole lot i.e balance 400 qty should be rejected.

how to handle this scenario.....

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2 Answers

  • Apr 06, 2015 at 05:13 AM

    Hi Murali,

    Please note that there are some important steps you need to remember, while you do a process design for your client. I will like to share some high level inputs here - 

    a) Once you get the complaint form your customer that the delivered material (600 qty) is faulty, you should move the remaining produced 400 qty material to blocked stock, using MB1B/MvT 344.

    b) If you are also using quality notification for root cause analysis/investigations, the you should also create a "Q1" notification to analyze the reported issue, and possible reasons/actions to fix it.

    c) For the material pushed into blocked stock, you may also be interested to double check if there is some change in chemical properties, which has made the material non-usable (as reported by customer). To do this you can either use manual inspection type 89. This inspection lot will help you to test the chemical properties through MIC characteristics but please note that this inspection lot is stock movement independent. Means, RR & UD process is separate and hence you need to manually move the relevant stocks. You can also use the method of transfer posting for moving blocked stock to quality stock and during this process an inspection lot "08" can be created. This process is stock- dependent and hence if you use UD = A/R, then the stock will either be posted to Unrestricted stock or blocked stock.

    d) The next important step you should consider here is to take back the faulty materials form customer. This sales return may include full delivered quantity (600 qty till Aug), or if customer have already used some of these materials, then they may be interested in sending back the non-consumed materials to you's client. You should think of creating a sales return process to handle this situation. Normally, while you use a QN of type "Q1", you can add a task suggesting that sales return applicable, or net discounts applicable for future sale, etc and track it there. OR, you can directly create a return order and post inbound delivery against these return order, with MvT 651/653. Please note that if there is a QN avtive, then you can track all the tasks (rework, retest, scrap) and close the notification after the preferred business decision is done physically.

    e) If your business wants, you can activate inspection type 05 to test this incoming materials and decide the quality is Good or Bad, and post the stock accordingly. The other modalities like cost of transportation, return shipment needs to be accounted too, while you create any such process.

    f) If the blocked material (400 qty) and sale return material (600 qty or less) is tested to be bad and can't be reprocessed, to be re-sold back, then there should also exist a process for scrapping these materials, using MB1A/MvT 551 or 553 or 555. Please can you speak with your business before on the best practice they are using to support such processes.



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  • Apr 03, 2015 at 06:37 AM

    Hi Murali,

    Your question is not clear...can you elaborate the requirement... below are the answers for your questions based on my understanding...

    Prod.Qty  10000  ( Prod.time : Jan to Dec ) means 10000 qty produced at a time or every month you produce some qty ? can you clarify...

    so we have rejected whole lot i.e balance 400 qty should be rejected. If you want to reject the qty use movement type 344 and post the same to blocked stock with T-code MB1B...

    If you elaborate your requirement we can give you more inputs...



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