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Apr 02, 2015 at 06:26 PM

Vendor Payment Reset; Next payment picked up past payment document


I have a situation where, we issued payment to a vendor, discovered it was incorrect. The user reset/reverse the payment document. During the next payment run, it picked up the open vendor items along with the reversed payment amount so that the vendor never really got paid for those items.


Invoice for 12617.61 paid on document 20145863

Document 20145863 was reversed

Payment 20146119 comes along, picks up:

Invoice for 12617.61

Payment document 20145863

Invoice for 4294.35

So vendor only received 4294.35 instead of the 16.911.96 that should have been paid. Now al litems are showing cleared in the system, vendor is out the $$. How to I fix this?