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Apr 02, 2015 at 01:22 PM

Missing Master data Text in BP analytics


We have activated Twin cube structure and installed Business Content related to Business Process Analytics.

That installs following cube.

BP Analytics - Daily Cube 1 0SM_BPAD1

BP Analytics - Daily Cube 2 0SM_BPAD2

BP Analytics - Hourly Cube 1 0SM_BPAH1

BP Analytics - Hourly Cube 2 0SM_BPAH2

BP Analytics - Monthly Cube 1 0SM_BPAM1

BP Analytics - Monthly Cube 2 0SM_BPAM2

BP Analytics - Weekly Cube 1 0SM_BPAW1

BP Analytics - Weekly Cube 2 0SM_BPAW2

BP Analytics - Yearly Cube 1 0SM_BPAY1

BP Analytics - Yearly Cube 2 0SM_BPAY2

I could get text of the 0SM_GPARA field from AGS_RI_TMD table

But We dont see any Text for the master data.

e.g 0SM_KF, 0SM_KFCAT etc.

Can someone help ? Are we missing any configuration ? What are the tables to read the master data text of these infoobjects.