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Apr 02, 2015 at 12:16 PM

Duet Enterprise 2.0 and MS SharePoint 2013 - capability check on DM and RM


Dear all,

I am new to the technical interoperability between MS SharePoint 2013 and SAP. I have done some research around certain aspects of it. However, your expert comments will surely help me validate and enrich my understandings.

I am posting the below questions keeping in mind the integration between MS SharePoint 2013 enterprise edition, and SAP using Duet Enterprise 2.0.

i. Can we perform extensive document management (view, edit, check in/ out/ versioning) on SAP documents (documents stored on SAP Content server) via MS SharePoint interface (out of the box or may be by developing some composites) using Duet Enterprise 2.0?

ii. Can we pull electronic documents from SAP Content server and display on MS SharePoint using DE 2.0 on a production scale? For an example, I am considering a requirement which asks to fetch and display all employee documents for a given employee Id from SAP onto MS SharePoint interface in a consolidated view.

iii. Can we add documents to SAP content server via MS SharePoint interface using DE 2.0?

Can we infer that Duet Enterprise 2.0 does not provide document management for SAP content (electronic documents stored in SAP content server) via MS SharePoint interface?

iv. Can Duet Enterprise 2.0 do Records Management for content that is persisting on SAP Content server? Here I am considering a requirement that asks me to implement one centralized records management system in MS SharePoint for both SAP content as well as SharePoint native content.

v. What I understand is by using Duet Enterprise 2.0, we can achieve the following OOTB. Can you please validate?

- Surface SAP workflow steps in MS SharePoint, get work done collaboratively,and send the processed step back to SAP (i.e. sending some metadata back to SAP, but not unstructured content (electronic documents) as such.

- View/ edit metadata (transactional and/ or master) around certain SAP business objects (Customer, product, employee etc.) via MS SharePoint interface and send the updated data back to SAP

- View reports generated by SAP BW

It would be great if you could redirect me to some resources where I get sufficient DE 2.0 licensing information (cost + terms and conditions).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,