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Opened links impossible to see on SCN!

The text in the screenshot below includes a hyperlink, which I have previously opened, so it's not a blue color anymore. Can anyone see it? Double points if you are over 40 or have been wearing glasses / contact lenses for years already.

Change the color from "slightly less blurry gray" to something readable! I hope we don't need an "idea" and a committee to do this. It's not Jive anymore, so no excuses please.

Thank you.

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5 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 30, 2017 at 09:40 PM

    Well if this was a sinister attempt to drive away our valued veteran members, then it's certainly also aimed at some of the older employees -- as I'm also part of the glasses-wearing, (way) over 40 crowd.

    Reading this, I had a sense of deja vu -- as though I had seen this concern raised before. But I can't find that conversation, so maybe it's my advanced age playing tricks on my mind.

    Regardless, I've made a note to include this in our ongoing UX/UI conversations...

    Best regards,


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    • Jerry, I had the same feeling and it could've been mentioned anywhere in passing or among [many] other issues. But when I was entering this question the hillbilly AI that suggests "similar posts" didn't find anything, so I thought I'd make an official entry.

      Now if you excuse me an urgent matter of the kids on the lawn requires my attention. :)

  • Posted on Jan 30, 2017 at 08:23 PM

    Did the image disappear like snapchat? I can't see the image...(joking of course). My 40+ eyes with no corrective vision can fortunately see the 'idea' you are mentioning, but if you consider the post and treat the text you supplied on either side of the embedded picture as a part of the overall post, you have far exceeded 140 characters and with it the attention span of many people (much like I just did with this answer).

    Like with online headlines, email newsletters, and many other information feeds we see on a daily or hourly bases, we are drowning in electronic screen text overload, and the light gray on white just doesn't provide enough contrast to stand out. When we scan through content, links, bold text, paragraph indentations, etc. need to be prominent and not blend into the background. Seems quite simple to fix:

    @Jelena - I know I visited the Leonardo blog because I read your comments, but yet here it was - a bold blue hyperlink that never changed color:

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    • Sorry, sometimes my sarcasm or jokes are a bit too deep or far reaching humor. I was attempting to tie in Twitter, Snapchat, and the instant gratification/social media that is prevalent in much of the world as we know it today (much like all the other conversations about the 'ago' concepts in the feed. You do bring up a valid point about a picture not having any placeholder option or distinguishing look and feel, but to be honest, the use case of embedding screen captures from a block of text from another SAP Community post is not something that I remember having much need for in the past. Typically it would be images of slides, diagrams, etc. and there would be plenty of contrast with the surrounding text. Although as I just discovered in Messages, clicking on an image makes it appear actual size in a popup view --> did that one ever get resolved here in the community? Picture zooming like we had in Jive when reducing the scale of uploaded images.

  • Posted on Jan 30, 2017 at 06:37 PM

    idea - far over 40 and wearing glasses for almost 40 years

    But I understand what you mean and would also like a better presentation to identify links more easily. This all worked well more than 20 years in the Internet before somebody thought that pale grey is the new standard.

    On the other hand it is only for you pale gray because you have accessed this link before. The user who reads your answer is seeing it in blue until (s)he follows the link.

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  • Posted on Jan 31, 2017 at 08:30 AM

    No, being over 40 and wearing glasses, I don't have an idea.


    (Sorry, inevitable pun.)

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  • Posted on Jan 31, 2017 at 02:55 PM

    Yeah, found the 'idea' link (me: 40+, no glasses ... yet).

    But what really caught my attention was some of the text, in particular:

    "... there is opportunity to use SAP's own Best of Breed UI Technology to solve ..."

    A couple questions come to mind:

    1 - Why didn't the SCN gods use this "Best of Breed UI" when putting together this web site?


    2 - Is this site actually using this "Best of Breed UI"? (If so, someone needs to look up the meaning of "Best of Breed".)

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