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Apr 02, 2015 at 10:05 AM

Computed Read/Write Extended Attribute - how to set the value from the Form?


Hello everyone,

seems to be a simple case but does not work in my environment:

1. In an LDM, I set up an Extended Attribute for an Entity Attribute as Computed: Read/Write (Get+Set methods)

2. I want to compute it conditionally, i.e. if (some_condition=TRUE) then Extended Attribute should get some computed value X else it should simply get the value put manually on the Entity Attribute Form

3. Conditional computing works, but unfortunately I am not able to update it manually - I tried all the possible combinations of implementing Get and Set methods, but with no success. It seems I am not able to get the value from the Form and set it to this Computed Read/Write Extended Attribute, is it feasible at all? Putting aside the conditional computing, simple getter and setter for a Computed Read/Write Extended Attribute should in my opinion look like this, shouldn't it?

Function %Get%(obj)
%Get% = obj.GetExtendedAttribute("ExtAttr")
End Function

Sub %Set%(obj, value)
obj.SetExtendedAttribute "ExtAttr", value
End Sub

Thanks in advance and best regards,