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Apr 02, 2015 at 07:46 AM

Need an idea to resolve split procedure


Dear all,

I have the following approval procedure:

  • Manager creates request with roles and systems
  • Approvers make decisions
  • User gets roles and systems (or doesn’t get)

As soon as I use the rule based on functional area of a role, to determine the approver, my line items with systems are also checked by the rule. And here is the problem:

If role approvers confirm role assignment, but system approvers don’t confirm the system where the role exists, then we get a conflict between role approvers and system approvers. To resolve the problem I would like to split the procedure into two stages:

  1. System approval procedure
  2. Role approval procedure

I found a post by Madhu Babu where he describes similar procedure for initiator, but even in this case I get the same problem (system approvers working in parallel may decline system assignment, while role approvers may not).

If I create two stages and assign approvers for the system on the first stage then while doing analysis BRF will not find agent for role line items and fall with a workflow error. And vice versa: I get the error on the second stage but for system line items.

Customizing for agents, where I can set approval level, contains only the following entries:

  • Request
  • Role
  • System and Role

So, I can’t resolve my requirement using this option.

Could anyone please give an idea how to resolve my issue?