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Apr 02, 2015 at 06:27 AM

Issue present in Quality and Production but not in development



I am new to web dynpro java, and this is a total new issue for me.

I made some changes in the DC which were required and then checked in the code, activated it and released. In development server when i checked everything was working properly. The change was to make a button visible on a particular condition. After successful implementation of this change request in development server I deployed the changes to quality and production through cms and tested it in production where I found that the button was not appearing for some Ids. This is happening only for some Ids, rest for all its working. I checked the code but no where that type of condition is mentioned.

For checking purpose I compared two Ids record one which was working and other which was not working. Only one field i.e sub-team id was different for both. So through backend I changed that sub team id to the one which was working. Then that Id also started working i.e the button was appearing now. But if there was a problem with that particular sub-team id then it shouldn't work after reverting the changes in sub team id.

For example:


1 LG null 13 0 <=Not working ID (where A is the Id and D i.e 13 is sub-team id)

5 Sony null 7 0 <=Working ID

Now comparing the 2 records only sub-team id was different. So I changed the non working sub-team id to 7 from the backend. After this changes that button was now visible, but later to check if there is problem with the sub-team id only I reverted the changes i.e I changed the sub-team id of non working Id Back to its previous value 13, but still it is working. This same is happening for some more Ids. Not getting what the issue is. Request help on this.

Thanks and regards,

Preetam Narkhede