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Apr 01, 2015 at 09:04 PM

Missing Structure node in payload


Hello PI Pro's,

Let me start by saying I am a PI newbie. I have faced several challenges and have managed to overcome but I have one I am stuck with. I have an XML message the gets generated by ECC, sent to PI, and forwarded on to APO/SNC system. All standard setup from SAP.

The problem comes when I send an XML message to PI and it has a complete Node missing. This is from a SAP delivered standard XML message.

The abbreviated structure is similar to the following:













What I am seeing is the PurchaseOrderXML comes to PI with 4 Items (01,02,03,and 04)

Item01 contains a Product Node with values

Item02 has no Product Node

Item03 contains a Product Node with values

Item04 contains a Product Node with values

During mapping, Item02 has no product node so I add it. (If not node.exists then createNode)

Once I get the product Node created with visual mapping tool, then the queue values associated with Item03 get moved into the newly created Product Node for Item02 instead of letting me insert my custom values (mapwithdefault)

This continues for Item03 containing the Product values from Item04 and Item04 gets an empty Product node.

I think this is a context / queue issue but I do not know yet how to properly deal with it and could use some assistance from the SOA Community.

Thanks in advance for any useful help you can provide.