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GTS-EWM-NCTS process

Hi Experts,

I have no experience with EWM, though i have worked on the ERP Warehouse management. EWM seems to be bit difficult for me 😊

I am trying to setup ECC-EWM-GTS integration for a simple transit procedure with Safekeeping.

  • I create my IBD in ECC, enter the T1 and MRN#, I see a Transit being created in GTS by the normal process and the same IBD gets distributed to EWM.
  • In EWM, I see the same T1 and MRN from ECC is available in EWM. I setup the "in yard" status and see another Transit being created in GTS with the same IBD#.

  • Without T1 and MRN on my IBD in ECC, no Transit in GTS.
  • Now when I key in T1/MRN in EWM and set "In yard" status for my IBD in EWM, I can find a Transit in GTS. So only 1 Transit in GTS/

So my question is on the usual process

1) Should we stop keying in the T1 and MRN in ECC and do it only in EWM?

2) I thought when I setup "in yard" status in EWM for the same MRN that was keyed in ECC, system will still check if there is a Transit available already with the same MRN# before creating a new transit in GTS

Can someone help me with the standard procedure please?



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    Apr 01, 2015 at 07:57 PM

    Hello Dhilipan,

    In the few projects where I have participated to implement NCTS, I never encountered the case where EWM was used.

    So I am trying here to answer your questions based on my proper experience even though as stated above I never encountered the case where EWM was involved.

    I will first start by answering your 2nd question 😊. Indeed, GTS should "aggregate" the different IBDs that share the same T1/MRN number. In other words, you should have a unique Transit declaration in GTS for multiple IBD with the same Tx/MRN number.

    From my experience, the only case were the aggregation did not work was when a huge number of IBDs was updated simulatenously in ECC with the same MRN number (for one customer, we had sometimes 50 IBDs updated with the same MRN number through a Z program in a single shot). In such cases, GTS did not cope with the volume of data received and started to create multiple Transit documents instead of aggregating them based on the MRN.

    In the test case you have described in your post, what was the status of the 1st Transit document (created by the IBD) when the 2nd Transit document (created by EWM) was created ?

    Moving now to your first question, if you/we don't find the reason why the IBDs are not aggregated, then indeed "may be" you will have to enter the MRN only in EWM, "may be". In my opinion, part of the answer is not technical but rather practical: The MRN has to be entered manually into the system. Does the reception department have access/authorizations/knowledge to do it directly in EWM ???


    Mouaz BEN REDJEB

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    • Former Member Dave Willis

      Hi Dave,

      This works with EXTID when my transit is replicated from ECC. In my case, I am facing issues when the transit is being replicated from EWM system.

      I've not checked the code in EWM yet. To be frank, no clue on which code to check in EWM 😊