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Former Member
Apr 01, 2015 at 06:28 PM

Dynamic adjustment of Column Total


Hi SAP Experts,

Problem with "TOTAL" Col. in the last & restriction of Time dim months display.

I have three categories - V1 & V2. V1 represents the budget for the full year whereas V2 represents 2nd half year (i.e. from July to Dec).

User will be generating report based on Profit Center & Account dimension in Row axis and Time & Category in the Col. axis. with last Col. being "Total".

User will be selecting either Category V1 or V2. In either of the cases, user wants only those specific Time DIM Members to appear and not all. For example, when user runs report for category V2, report should display only months starting July to Dec.

Is it possible to restrict reporting specific months based on Category? how to we dynamically move Total Col. in case if the user selects V2 which need to have only 6 Col.

Hope you understand my issue.