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Apr 01, 2015 at 03:03 PM

Regarding T-code OADC


Hello SAP Experts

I am confuse about selecting type in OADC. We added new depreciation area in COD. New depreciation area (06) represent our group currency that we added due to new company code requirement. Now can any one expalin if i keep

This is current settings

Depreciation area type Description 01 06 Group Valuation 06 06 Group Valuation

If i Change to

Depreciation Area Type Description 01 01 Valuation for trade bal. sheet 06 06 group valuation

My question is

  • What kind of difference it will do in 2KEE report where my company code currency (10) and Group Currency (30)? One thing to inform that we have same currency (USD) if it is company code or group currency.
  • do i get any difference amount in following attach report.

please go through follwoing attachments.

1. 2kee report there are huge difference i am seeing in depreciation accounts.

2. Chart of Depre. configuration part

3. FI Document: this document belongs to depreciation run that we did for period 06/2015 where i am seeing difference in company code and group currency.

Please expalin the type 01 and 06 in OADC

Thank you

Mona Gajjar


FIDocument.jpg (36.5 kB)
CODAreasetting.jpg (90.3 kB)
2kee.jpg (64.1 kB)