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Apr 01, 2015 at 11:07 AM

F4 Help list not showing values when a BEx 7x workbook is refreshed


Hello All,

Hope you are doing good. I have a very peculiar behaviour with F4 functionality of a variable while refreshing a workbook and thus requesting for your help.

The workbook contains two queries. Both of these queries contains a common variable (of common characteristic).

Info_Provider Query_Name Characteristic_Name Variable_Name Multi_Provider_1 Query1 Char1 Var1 Multi_Provider_2 Query2 Char1 Var1

When Query1 and Query2 are refreshed individually, the variable Var1 (basically a plant variable) shows the help list values.

But when the workbook is refreshed (that's when both the queries gets executed together with a common variable screen) and

upon clicking the help list of the variable Var1 doesn't show any values.

Additional Info:

1. Both the variables are configured to show data from Master table.

2. The same set up works fine in 3x and also for other similar variables.

Has anybody come across of this situation? If so, what is the issue and what was the solution?

Pls share.

Thank you.