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Apr 01, 2015 at 10:03 AM

FSCM-DM: Automatic Actions are not triggered


Hi guys,

I will highly appreciate your help regarding an issue that keeps me busy during the last days. I am trying to configure automatic actions via PPF. I have followed step by step the instructions from the book FSC200 for this purpose the ones that correspond btw pretty much with the posting that I found here (Automatic Dispute Case Correspondence). Nevertheless I don't get my self-defined automatic actions to work.

Resume of my settings:

1. I have taken the SAP delivered action profile model (FIN_DM) as a basis and copied it with all entries in a new Profile ZFIN_DM. Which among them includes the automatic- open, -close and -escalation correspondence. Here I didn't modify anything of the standard delivered settings.

2. In this new profile I added a new action for automatic correspondence as a copy of the standard delivered action 'FIN_DM_END_NOTIFICATION_A' and rename it as Y_FIN_DM_PAYM_REQUEST. The settings were simply copied, w/o modifications.

3. Then I carried out the condition configuration replicating step by step, field by field the configuration of the standard model on my new profile. For the action 'Y_FIN_DM_PAYM_REQUEST' I have followed the instructions from book FSC200, keeping the action definition settings as default, using communication method = 'Internet Mail' and adding the following condition: Dispute Case.Status = 21 which corresponds to the status "to be collected" in the Status Profile I use.

I have tried several times, but no one of the "automatic" actions get triggered/scheduled, neither the standards that I simply copied nor the new one I added.

4. Then I tried to replace my self-defined profile ZFIN_DM in my case type with the standard delivered FIN_DM. Yeah then it works, so I tried to go forward and to add in this profile (FIN_DM) my self-defined action (Y_FIN_DM_PAYM_REQUEST) to see what happens. Well all of the actions work, except the one I added 😔

I really don't know how to move forward I have reviewed my documents, compare field by field the settings of the standard versus my action profile, and I cannot find any hint of the problem. Is there anything that I'd be missing or overlooking?

Looking forward to your comments




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