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Apr 01, 2015 at 09:46 AM

Add ARCHIVED Documents to workitems as attachments


Hi All,

In most of the documents like ECC POs, PRs, Trips, Invoices etc, the attachments are stored in the system as ARCHIVED Documents.

We have to retrieve these attachments and add them to the approval workitems as attachments.

In our case the workitems would be executed from Portal UWL. The Portal UWL users are not within the company network to open the SAP backend system. Hence we have requirement to retrieve the ARCHIVED Documents and add these to the workitems as attachments.

Please let me know how this can be done ?

I know that FMs ARCHIV_GET_CONNECTIONS and ALINK_RFC_TABLE_GET can be used to read the ARCHIVED Documents.

I also know that we need to use FM SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD to add the attachments to workitem.

But please let me know what operation and conversion we need to perform on the data returned by FM ALINK_RFC_TABLE_GET.

I have tried attaching the output of ALINK_RFC_TABLE_GET to workitem but when we try to open this attachment the system gives error that there is no program associated with the file type and unable to open the file.

So i guess I am missing some step after getting the data from FM ALINK_RFC_TABLE_GET and before passing to FM SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD.