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Addition of New Fields to CG36VEN Transaction - Import of Vendor MSDS

Hi Guys,

I have a business requirement for addition of New fields (text field and check box) in the CG36VEN transaction (Import vendor MSDS) in SAP EHS.

(Something like in the attached screenshot )

Are there any User Exits/Enhancements points available for the same? (we tried checking but couldn't find any).

If no, should we copy the function group into a custom function group and make the changes?

Please suggest the best way forward. any pointer are really appreciated.


Gaurish Dessai

CG36VEN.JPG (34.0 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Apr 01, 2015 at 04:52 PM

    Dear Gaurish

    I am not aware of any option (e.g. user exit) to enhance this transaction. Therefore the right option to go on is to move the whole "transaction" (and anything around) into company name space (or Z or Y name space).

    But there are alternatives. In CG50 you can use "customer exits", the only "con" is: you need a "default" report tree; but then you can do what you would like to do. In any case the normal "import" report option exists as well (yes: it is not user friendly; but stable etc.).

    What are the "meanings" of your two checkboxes? (what should "technically" happen if they are checked?


    PS: Personally I have no experience in using "Enhancement spots". May be there is a chance to use them;

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    • Dear Gaurish

      if you check the normal process to upload "pdf" files using SAP standard import you are able to create additional data (using a SAP standard class; but you can change that using a custom specific class) by standard without the need to "modify" screens etc. . I would prefer to do the upload in a "document" class and not to ESTDH as the use of a class is standard; but yes you can use append fields in ETSDH (or use custom driven own table); In e.g. DOC-X and similar interfaces you can download then the data from the class (e.g. as in your case for "reuse" in a different data base). PLease check SAP online help or the many threads which are related to the topic of "mass bulk download of pdf SDS/MSDS files (e.g. Bulk MSDS Download))

      The "correct" (best solution depending on the real customer needs) solution depends a little bit on your further use of the "on top" data which you would like to upload (and the potential risk that after e.g. 6 months user would like to get a third, fourth etc. checkbox inthe screen).

      E.g. the two check boxes could be implemented as "identifiers". The "pro" of this solution is this:

      a.) you can execute easily inquiries in EHS database

      b.) you can extract the identifiers easily (e.g. as part of an output variant or other similar options (combination of ALE with XI/PI)

      Second option: you can generate an own EHS class as part of the property tree; then you can use as well inquiry options (and ALE or other options to download the data).

      As mentioned before: the "best" option (near to the SAP standard) is to use a customer exit in Cg50 (check e.g. Customer Exits in SAP EHS MANAGEMENT

      and these two exits as mentioned there:

      C1G20001 EHS: Menu exit 1: Report management Yes C1G20002 EHS: Menu exit 2: Report management Yes

      One "disadvantage" of the transaction CG36VEN is that you can upload only one document in one run. Using the exists as mentioned you can generate a more "user friedly" option to do mass uploads as well (based e.g. on key files (similar to the "Standard option" but more user friendly)..

      Using this option you are as well flexible to use own customer document classes (e.g. you can/could define per "document type" one class; e.g. for REACH exposure scenarios you can use a different class in comparison to SDS upload.

      A well known shortfall of transaction CG50/CG54 is the limitation in the available search options. You could not select reports based on the "check" boxes in your screen (therefore if you use "append" fields for ESTDH there is very limited option available to sue an inquiry standard SAP function to select reports of a specific type)

      Therefore in most cases it is better to change your process or your approach (how you would like to store the data); e.g. to store the check boxes data on spec level (e.g. as identifier) and then by using CG02 "switch" to CG54/CG50 transaction (which is now easily possible) to check the reports (and content of the reports).


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    Apr 20, 2015 at 08:13 AM

    Hi All,

    Thank you for your feedback. we found away to achieve the requirement on press of Upload button in CG36VEN instead of making and screen changes.

    Thank you for the the inputs. 😊


    Gaurish Desai

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