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Apr 01, 2015 at 09:22 AM

Basic Custom duty,CVD and Cess on CVD flows into Excise Invoice instate of BED, ECess on BED and SecECes on BED


Hello Gurus,

One of client having two plants one is DTA Plant and Another one is EHTP Plant(100 % EOU) having 100% EOU licence.Any customer buying from EHTP plant , client is charging Basic custome duty , CVD and CVD Cess .(i.e customer is buying from 100% EOU plant means nothing but importing from different country).

They want all the amounts should hit the BED (Basic Excise Duty) G/L Account and those amounts should flow to excise invoice also.

So can you please help me out how to map this scenario?

@ Please find the below duty structure for more clarification.

Basic Customs duty @ 3.75% @ CVD @ 12.00% Educatoin Cess on CVD @ 2.00% Secondary & Higher Ed. Cess on CVD @ 1.00% Add:Education Cess on Aggregate duty @ 2.00% Add:Secondary & Higher Ed. Cess on Agg. Duty @ 1.00% Total Duty Duty Payable @ 100% of the Customs duties Total : Additional Duty @2% on all customs duties Cess @ 1% on all customs duties Total : Add VAT @ 14.50%

Thanks & Regards

Sujit Mahanty