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Jan 17, 2006 at 06:00 AM

Idoc-loading problem



I have a problem with the extraction of data in a SL ODS. One of the data requests (of the ODS) has failed and because of that the new data cant get from the ODS to the cube (the ODS have already newer data requests…)

In the monitor I get the error messages:

<b>“Request REQU_B9H37YZ8NF3EZPV6DPSV77KEH in ODS ZODS_ELE must have QM status green before it”

“Activation of data records from ODS object ZODS_ELE terminated.”</b>

When I look at the OLTP-IDOCS I find 5 idocs in status “64 Idocs ready to be transferred to application” and when I look inside I get the message:

<b> “IDoc ready to be transferred to application No resources, immed. processing not possible: Too few free dialog work processes.”</b>

I also have 13 idocs in the status “51 application document not posted” and when I look inside of them I get the message:

<b>“IDoc: 0000000002263442 Status: Application document not posted, Error in document: YSL 6000999866 HMPCLNT400”</b>

I don’t know what to do!!!!

Should I delete the data request and try to load again? Will I lose the data ???

Please Advice.