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Apr 01, 2015 at 03:11 AM

Trying to pass parameters into WebGui and requested function is not available


I am trying to bypass the VA02 screen where I can enter the order number, by passing a URL with the tcode and order number directly as a URL. However I cannot get the actual sales order to display - all it shows is either the VA02 screen (if I use the format "..../webgui?~transaction=VA02&VBAK-VBELN=430) or I get the error message "Requested function SHOW is not available here" (if I use the format ".../webgui?~transaction=VA02&VBAK-VBELN=430&~OKCODE=SHOW).

Can anyone tell me how I can go about getting the sales order to open in edit mode through a URL and its associated parameters? Thanks