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Apr 01, 2015 at 01:50 AM

Material availability check in Prod order



We are maintaining semi finished goods in different locations due to quality approvals, during production order creation normally planner will check stock and enter the batch number and location field will be blank in component overview. When order is getting released, material availability check is happening and production order is getting released and while issuing user will maintain storage location in order and it will be issued against order. Before issuing material, if same batch is getting assigned in another production order, system says material is available.

Ex: Material A

Available stock - 1000 units

Batch - A123

In first PO material A required quantity is 800 units and order is released

In second PO material A required quantity is 700 units, during material availability check system says material is available.

But total available stock on batch A123 is only 1000 units, how system is calculating material availability check? If I maintain storage location then it works correctly but as i said earlier the semi finished goods is getting stored in different locations for various reasons so maintaining storage location is not feasible.

I have gone through some of the links but I could not able to found above scenario. Whether material availability check will work on above condition? I have enclosed OPJJ screen shot, let me know i have missed out any settings.

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OPJJ.JPG (69.1 kB)