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Help with values for filter a dimension in a query

Good day:

I'm having an issue with a query, the problem is that when I try to filter a dimension in the values for filtering shows more than the ones that have data.

I made a query usin Bex query designer 7.4, in the query I have a dimension in wich I have selected the "only values with posted data" option:

In the infosite I have a dimension that is an atribute of the custommer and other that is an attribute of the bill, in the query I'm only using the one of the custommer.

When I run the query in Bex Analyzer (version 7.4), in Analysis edition for Excel (version or in SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP4 and try to filter the dimension in the tree programs shows more values for filtering data that the ones that have information (As shown below):

As you can see in the tree cases it shows 19 values for filtering the data, but if I put on a table in the rows the dimension it shows only 8 values (the image is from Bex Analyzer but in the tree programs has the same behavior):

Does anyone knows how to solve this issue and show in the members for filtering only the values that are shown in the table?

I would appreciate any help that you can give me, I reviewed all the options in the Bex Query designer but without any change.

Thanks in advance.


propiedades.png (14.4 kB)
valores.png (35.4 kB)
tabla.png (3.1 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Jan 31, 2017 at 01:54 PM

    Hi Andoni,

    If your selection goes on a navigation attribute, I would try the option "Characteristic relationship" or the one tjat is according to "navigation".

    It depends a bit on your data model - maybe there are several info provider below a multi - then I think the system reads all values from all providers.

    and it also usually behaves strange in case of a compounded char.

    best regards


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    • Thanks Cornelia for the answer, I didn't have idea about the the behaviour for the multiprovider, I thought that when I check the values available for filtering it will only show the ones that have a value but not all of the infoproviders that are linked to the multiprovider. Perhaps in one of the infoproviders is the "extra" data.

      I'm going to check in the infoproviders and tell you about the results.

      Thanks for the response.