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Mar 31, 2015 at 03:40 PM

Batch determination in delivery - special requirement...


Hi guys,

I have a special requirement in batch determination in delivery. Batches require a certain period of "aging" in stock. This aging period can be different per customer.


Customer A requires aging of 30 days for batches

Customer B requires aging of 60 days for batches

There are 2 batches in stock:

Batch 1 with HSDAT 01.01.2015

Batch 2 with HSDAT 01.02.2015

Customer A orders material - delivery date is 10.01.2015 -> no batch should be found in batch determination (no batch is more than 30 days in stock)

Customer A orders material - delivery date is 10.02.2015 -> Batch 1 should be found (more than 30 days)

Customer A orders material - delivery date is 10.03.2015 -> Batch 1 and 2 should be found (both are in stock for more than 30 days)

Same applies if customer B orders material - aging time is 60 days

The main idea is, to maintain this 30 or 60 days in the search class of batch determination in a seperate characteristic (In VCH1 I can maintain different values for different customer/material combinations The problem is how to restrict the search for batches depending on HSDAT of batches.

Maybe somebody has a clue.