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Mar 31, 2015 at 02:56 PM

BADI/User Exit for MIGO which is triggered from VLPOD


I have a Scenario to change the Batch Value when I create a Proof of Delivery using VLPOD tcode.

Steps :

1. Go to Tcode VLPOD (Proof of Delivery),

2. Click the Confirm Proof of Delivery Icon and Click save.

3. While saving this SAP automatically creates MIGO document for Movement type - 107.(with 2 line item i.e. WH to outside and Outside to Customer location)

4. I have a scenario to change the Batch value for the second line item to Default.

Now I am trying to find BADI or User Exit which triggers from tcode VLPOD while creating the documents in MIGO, So can any one suggest me any Solution for my issue. Thanks in advance. Kindly Do not copy and paste all the Exits from SMOD because I tried searching there.