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Mar 30, 2015 at 10:59 PM

Schedule line date changes after each MRP run


Dear Experts,

Clarification needed on how the system plans the MM schedule lines.

Setting: Start in the past not allowed.

3 days for processing of order

The issue is after each MRP run the system is moving the schedule line to the current date + 3 days for processing + the planned delivery time.

If the schedule line is not firmed, after each MRP run ( which happens everyday) the system is moving the schedule line and then giving an alert saying the " order has to be rescheduled to the previous day"

on the second day after the mrp run the system moves the schedule line again by one more day and gives the rescheduling date as " -2 days from today"

this change is happening every day after the planning run. - because of this there are really no backorders ( schedule line in the past ) in the system. we were not able to know if the vendor is actually delayed in this case.

can you kindly suggest what went wrong here ??

we are using strategy 10 for the planning of procured parts. Let me know if more info is needed.

Note: we are also using stock transfer process for some procured parts. there too the PR date gets changed after each MRP run. There there is no lead time in this case. the order is placed on the same day as the requirement as both plants are nearby. There the PR date is changing everyday to the current date.

your advice would be of great help


Nagendra Kumar