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Mar 30, 2015 at 08:59 PM

SNP Heuristics creating excess production.. can someone assist?



looking for assistance with the below issue we are having. does anyone know a solution?

SNP Heuristics creating excess production in one bucket when you run Location Heuristics multiple times without leaving the SNP book. Note, this is happening at multiple locations with multiple products. This also happens when you plan at one location, switch to another location, and plan without leaving the book. Causing issues when you need to plan across a network after fixing issue. Have to back out of book and go back in each time when planning at multiple locations.

How I am replicating this issue:

Go into SNP Book. INV Prod Loc Book 3.
Enter product 1000909
Location 5009, 5429, 2103
Edit Mode - Run Location Heuristic
Should plan fine
Hit save
Run location heuristic again
This causes the system to plan very high amount (ignoring lot size data) in 1 weekly bucket.
Again, this happens at the same location, happens at multiple locations.

Once you save, you need to back out of SNP completely then back in. After that, it runs fine until you try to run SNP Heuristics again without leaving the SNP Book.
Screenshots sent to Don Bender and attached in case