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Jan 16, 2006 at 09:26 PM

Create and Send Bid Invitation



Newbie here, so thanks in advance for any help. We are in design phase and trying to figure out what's feasible or not. We want to automatically create a bid (RFQ) from an approved SC item. We then want to send this bid (RFQ) to our middleware (egate). Here are my questions:

(1) Can I create a bid in SAP EBP from the SC item, without setting up the Bidding Engine?

(2) Is creation of bid in SAP EBP, the same concept in R/3 backend, that is, I can view it via ME43 and it's stored in EKKO?

(3) Found several FM, what is the diference between BBP_PD_BID_CREATE and BAPI_BIDEC_CREATE? Which one should I use for our purpose in (1) above?

(4) Then, there is the BADI, BBP_CREAT_RFQ_IN_DPE...this seems to be a user-exit connected with the Bidding engine, allowing the developer to change the bid?

(5) How can I send the bid (RFQ) automatically to the middleware within SAP EBP in XML format? Is this feature available in one of the FM in (3) above?

Thank you.