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Jan 16, 2006 at 09:00 PM

Error during installation on step 6


Hi all,

Like some of you, I have installed and uninstalled the SP15 full java editions about 15 times now. I got my first error at the Install Temporary License step. Since then I have uninstalled, deleted registry entries and a whole bunch of steps, and am currently stuck at step 6 MaxDB Database Installation step. The error is

ERROR 2006-01-16 15:46:21

CJS-00030 Assertion failed: in function sapdb_db_create(db_nm, db_host, db_ver) { var dep_root = sapdb_inst_root(db_nm); var sdb_i = new sdbInstance(); sdb_i.dbName = db_nm; sdb_i.dbHost = db_host; sdb_i.dbVer = db_ver[0] + "." + db_ver[1]; sdb_i.ctlUser = sapdb_get_db_user("CONTROL", db_nm, db_host); sdb_i.ctlUserPasswd = sapdb_get_db_user_passwd("CONTROL", db_nm, db_host); var actorObj = new SdbExtActor(); actorObj.setSdbInstance(sdb_i); actorObj.setDbmCmd("DB_CREATE"); actorObj.setExecutable(sapdb_dbmcli_path()); actorObj.setDbRoot(dep_root); var rv = actorObj.sessionExecute(); ASSERT(arguments.callee, rv == "OK", " SDB: ERROR CREATING DATABASE INSTANCE! Check the XCMDOUT.LOG FILE"); var creation_ok = false; var i_size = actorObj.outSize(); for (var i = 0; i < i_size; i++) { var s_line = actorObj.getOutputLine(i); if (/OK/.test(s_line)) { creation_ok = true; } } ASSERT(arguments.callee, creation_ok, "SDB: ERROR WHILE DB INSTANCE CREATION! CHECK THE XCMDOUT.LOG FILE! ");} SDB: ERROR CREATING DATABASE INSTANCE! Check the XCMDOUT.LOG FILE

When I go to the log file the detailed information is as follows.

> Subprocess starts at 20060116154621

Execute Command : d:\sapdb\programs\pgm\dbmcli.exe -R d:\sapdb\j2e\db db_create J2E CONTROL,CONTROL

Execute Session Command : exit

> Subprocess stops at 20060116154621


-24953,ERR_DBEXIST: database instance already exists

I believe I am not able to successfully un-install MaxDB. Any hints? I always uninstall MaxDB before I start installing, and somehow the database entries still seem to persist like a ghost in the machine.

Thank you for your help.