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Mar 30, 2015 at 02:52 PM

Not able to display the Installation Base of once it unassigned from upper level Installation IBase.


Hi All

I am working on IBase scenario for my client, I am new to the IBase scenario. Here we are creating installation base for two to five levels of product.

Once we create IBase for lower level then this IBase is inserted in upper level IBase. Like this we assign all levels based on product.In some cases we need to unassign any of IBase from its upper level IBase. When it is unassigned we are not able to display the IBase which unassigned. When it is unassigned from upper level how come system not able to display this IBase. If we speak functionally the part (IBase) which is unassigned should be valid to assign in any other upper level IBase in feature.

Please suggest.