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Mar 30, 2015 at 01:16 PM

EPMDimensionOverride with dynamic range and EPMOlapMemberO Formula


Hi all,

I'm trying to replicate an Evdre Input Form in EPM.

The schedule is composed by 2 queries: the first query expand on the Account dimension and retrive actual data, the second query modify the first query rowkeyrange by adding the suffix "_D" and save planning data (this because the first query expand on subtotal account and the second query save data on the relative dummy nodes).

I tried following:

- to customize EPMDimensionOverride expanding on dynamic cell range (by EPMCellRanges) but it doesn't works; i found a thread in sap community network (n. 3531850) that confirm that EPMDimensionOverride just works with single or concatenated values. I created a list of values based on first query expansion but this work around have the excel cell characters limitation;

- i tried also to utilize formatting sheet, overriding the row header with a customized EPMOlapMemberO formula. If the report is static the expansion modify the row header and data are correct. Otherwise, if the report have a dynamic expansion, made by EPMDimensionOverride, the expansion modify the row header but data are not updated: the report get data based on the original definition of row header (referred to the EPMDimensionOverride).

I can't create an ad-hoc property in dimension, and i would not create n local members to send data with EPMSaveData formula (i have 12 months in colum, i should create 24 local members: 12 to input data and 12 to send data), how can i resolve this problem?