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Mar 30, 2015 at 11:27 AM

Destructive Samples with Handling Units


Dear Experts,

I just wanted to check if there's anyone who has encountered destructive inspection for samples with Handling Units and how this was managed (via enhancements/operational workaround).

Based on SAP KBA 1771624, destructive sampling will not work for HU due to all or nothing approach. We are currently considering the following options but would like to get your insights on this in case there is a better approach for this problem.

1. During Goods Receipt, sample usage quantity will be packed in separate HU from the rest of the quantity. This option will work provided that sample usage quantity is known before quality inspection. e.g. I will recieve 100 pcs of MAT A, 15 pcs for sample usage will be packed under HU1 and the remaining 85 pcs under HU2. UD stock posting will be performed in 2 steps, 1st for GI to sample usage for HU2 and 2nd for transfer to unrestricted/blocked/etc. for HU2

2. Receive full quantity under 1 HU. Complete quality inspection (results recording, ud and stock posting). Unpack the material to be able to perform GI to sample for the quantity that was used for destructive inspection.