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Jan 16, 2006 at 05:54 PM

LDAP / MaxPageSize



I have posted this problem earlier, but I think I wasn't very precise in my question, so here I am again 😊

Environment: NW04

In LDAP is a setting called MaxPageSize, the default value is 1000.

This allows me to receive max 1000 (in this case) users in one single search.

As I understand there is a recomendation from Microsoft not to exceed this value, at least not much.

We have 29 000 users in LDAP. At indexing time, TREX of course needs all the records.

Now let’s say I’m not allowed to increase the LDAP value:

Is there any "Page" handling in the UME, either by java coding or a setting in the UME, that

fetches ALL users - "Page by Page" - even if MaxPageSize = 1000 in LDAP ?

Or do I have to make a "workaround"?

I have ideas about how to work around this, but prefer to use "portal functionality" as much as possible.

Grateful for any input on this!