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Jan 16, 2006 at 05:14 PM

Spool Question....



I was reading a note <b>108799</b> and got little confused. I was in impression that when I use FrontEnd printing or LOCL, it pickes up my windows default printers and use DIA WP to print the request. It does not use Spool WP. Below is the extract from this note -

<b>In the note As of Release 4.6A, frontend print requests are no longer processed by the spool service via dialog work processes. As a result an additional spool service load arises. By default the number of spool work processes useful for the frontend print is limited to 1.</b>

Second extract from the same note is -

<b>As of Release 4.6A, a spool work process also conducts the deletion of obsolete spool requests (as an option, you can configure this in Transaction SPAD via spool-settings). Where do you set this option in SPAD for deletion. We normally use RSPO1041 job to clea spool requiests.</b>

Can anybody please explain.

I will be very greatfull to you.

Thank you in advance to everybody.